thats a very good question that requires a very long answer

see it started like this! i was solluxs moirail and feferi was his matesprit like she had been when they were both fully alive

but after a while feferi was acting kind of pale towards him and it is really exhausting to be a moirail to somebody stuck between life and the afterlife! so we made a mutual decision to switch

but then nobody was really happy with that either and we just kept flipping between the red quadrants until nobody knew who they were supposed to be with who anymore

and at first i was just good friends with feferi and nothing else!

but i think that if you are stuck in a position like ours long enough certain feelings are just inevitable

it didnt make things any less complicated quadrant-wise but it did relieve a lot of the tension! things sort of balanced out after that

but to put it simply i guess

feferi says that putting a label on our relationship would be cheapening it

sollux calls it a “clusterfuck of red feelings”

i feel like he is pretty much accurate